Start here to setup players, seasons and games. Tap Upgrade to purchase additional players/seasons/games.

Season will automatically add year to team name to correspond to start date. Games can be added one by one or as much of the team schedule as you like.

Players, seasons and games allow for notes.

If you want to keep a running season total and not do individual games, we suggest you set-up one game with a name i.e. running total, that way you can add games in the future.

Quick Guide


Here is where you do all you stat entry.

Select the season and game by tapping top two buttons to bring up selection pickers. Select players by using the right and left arrows or tapping the player name to bring up picker.

Next, select the stat category by tapping Hitting, Pitching or Fielding along the left hand vertical bar. Next select or scroll to the stat you would like to edit, the selected stat will now appear in the enter box and is ready for updating. For large numbers tap the number field for keyboard entry.

Full User GuideUser_Guides_files/SCbaseball%20full%20user%20guide.pdfUser_Guides_files/SCbaseball%20full%20user%20guide_1.pdfshapeimage_4_link_0


In Reports you will be able to view summary stats and averages for individual games, seasons and careers for the selected player.

Tapping the game button will bring up a picker wheel where you can select individual games or an All Games option to view stats for the entire season.

Tapping the season button allows you to change seasons or choose Lifetime from the picker to show the stats and averages for the selected players entire career.


Here you will be able to create a custom baseball card with user selected photo on the front and game, season or career stats and averages on the back.

Tapping anywhere on the card will bring up the tool bar. Here you can choose your photo, frame color, switch to the opposite side of the card or email, print or export both sides of your card to your photo gallery.


The More section is where we will keep you up to date on various products and services.

This quick guide along with a link to the full user guide can also be found in the More section.

Here you can also backup and restore your database so you don’t loose your entries.

Although we attempt to put out the highest quality products possible, should you have any issues or suggestions please contact us first, we may have a solution or be able to quickly rectify the problem.