Q: What is the difference between SCbaseball and SCsoftball?

A: As of version 1.5 the only difference is in the graphics. So there is no problem using either one for both sports.

The databases are also interchangeable, so you can import/export between them.

Version 1.3 has added pick-offs, we decided to include this in SCsofball since some users may be using the app for both baseball and sofball.

Please let us know if you have any suggestions for either app, we are always looking to improve them.

Q: What do I get with the paid version of the app?

A: Ability to: Add additional players/seasons/games; Backup/restore your database; and print/
e-mail/save/tweet double sided baseball cards. No ads.


Q: Why is my app crashing?

A1: If you are a non-U.S. user, you will need to go into your device setting, General/International and change your country to U.S. We are currently looking into a fix for this settings issue.

A2: If your app has been running fine then starts behaving odd or crashes, chances are its a memory or cache issue due to hardware limits, or too many apps running at once. The easiest solution is to
re-boot your device.

If you just purchased the app and its never worked properly chances are you downloaded directly to your device and there was an issue with the download. If you have stats entered that you want to save, do a backup to your computer first if you are able. You will then need to delete the app from your device as well as your iTunes library if you have done a sync. You then need to go through the purchase process again, use the same iTunes account that you used for the original purchase. iTunes will recognize the orig. purchase and not double charge you.

Q: Why should I do a backup, and how do I do it?

A: Like any other data you don’t want to lose, you should do a backup.

Mobile devices are very sensitive and easily lost or broken. StatCatcher allows you to backup and restore your database as needed. We suggest every few games backing up to your computer, or iCloud. There is a pop-up reminder in the app if you forget, you can control how often it comes up in the main Settings on your device.

To backup or restore a database go to Backup/Restore under the More Tab. There is a help button to walk you through the steps, here are the steps to transfer a backup to or from your device.

Backup to iCloud

1. In Device Settings go to iCloud and make sure you are logged in.

2. Turn iCloud Drive on.

3. Make sure SC app is listed and turned on within iCloud Drive tab.

  1. 4.You can now create backups and have them stored on iCloud Drive, available to restore and share on any device logged into same Apple account.

Backup to computer with iTunes

1. Hook your device to your computer.

2. Go to iTunes.

3. Select your device from the left panel.

4. Select the Apps tab.

5. Scroll down to the file sharing section.

6. In the Apps panel select the app you want to backup or restore.

7. In the Documents panel you will now see all the saved archives on your device. (e.g. Backup1.scz).

  1. 8.At the bottom of the Documents panel you will see the "Save to…" button which will transfer and save selected files to your computer. You will also see the "Add…" button which allows you to then transfer back to your device any desired archives from your computer.

Restore a database

  1. 1.To restore your database to a previously saved archive, select the desired file on your device, hit the restore button in the upper right.

2. Quit and re-launch your app to restore your database.