—David, from CA

Manager, Board Member, Umpire and parent.

“This app is freakin awesome.”

At South Bay Sports Training we encourage all our players to keep track of their stats, it helps them actually see their progress, know their strengths and weaknesses, and helps us provide them with quality feedback.

—Tony Sanguinetti, South Bay ST • 408-612-1239 • tonysanguinetti@aol.comwww.southbaytraining.com

—Ed, from OK

High school parent

“This is a great App for keeping Stats on individual players! It is not as demanding as scoring a whole game. I bought this app to track the play of my son and one of his teammates.

My son's teammate is playing this season with his Dad recently deployed to Afghanistan, and StatCatcher is helpful in recording his statistics and compiling them in a format where I can send them to him via e-mail across the globe so he can follow his son's first year of High School baseball. Fits the Bill and Highly recommended!!!”

SCbaseball is the easiest and fastest tool we have found to keep game, season and lifetime stats. I highly recommend any player from youth to college to utilize this great app to help them become a better baseball or softball player.


Online Review

Best of all the baseball stat apps!!

My daughter plays travel softball and I wanted a tool (for my new iphone) that I could use to track her batting and fielding statistics throughout the season. I tried a bunch of other apps that showed up first in my searches and was never satisfied with the use or ability of these (some were free, others I paid for). I was just about ready to settle when I came across this one and saw the reviews. I immediately knew this was the one for me. This app is phenomenal! Clearly, it is written by folks who know baseball/softball and have really thought through the design. Even something as silly as the At Bats being calculated for you - I know that sounds trivial, but it is such a simple function and none of the others did that. The interface really works. You can back up your stats so you don't lose them. The baseball card (with camera function) is cool! I can't find a thing wrong with this app. It is perfect!! My daughter's first tournament this spring is next weekend and I can't wait to get started! Thank you!

Statisticians unite to create a coaching dream app.

…It is amazing how a simple game of balls and strikes can turn into such an analytical chess match, but anyone who has every watched a professional baseball game knows that everything morsel of information is looked over to the nth degree. The problem is, recording these key facts are a tedious and time consuming task, well at least they were until StatCatcher Baseball and Softball came around…

Online review site 148Apps

Perfect complement to our baseball social media site!

At My Game Is On, we are encouraging all our members to use StatCatcher to keep track of their stats and post them to our first of it’s kind social media site designed to allow users to share their passion for the game we all love. StatCatcher goes hand in hand with what we are trying to do at My Game Is On, help players “Showcase their God given talents”.

—Chris, mygameison.com